Any questions? We have listed the following FAQs for our new clients. If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us. Your input is essential to our business, and would be greatly appreciated.

CADfps is a small and dynamic company. Our in-house CAD designers hold NICET certification, science and engineering degrees from prestigious institutions. We have more than 40 years of combined working experiences on computer modeling, CAD, mechanical and fire protection engineering. As an independent CAD service provider, CADfps has been successfully providing CAD design and drafting services for hundreds of fire sprinkler projects. We have a proven track record of having jobs done right at the first time, and are capable of handling different kinds of projects in the field.
CADfps provides in-house customized fire sprinkler CAD layout and drafting services in digital based formats. Currently we are only working for registered or licensed fire protection contractors or companies nationwide. With advanced IT technology, we are able to overcome geographical barriers and work in the most productive way. We also like to discuss with you if you have special requirements, such as doing business in your state, licensing & certificate holder and etc.
Typically, we have the following 1-2-3 steps: 1. Quote a proposed project, and have an authorization from client to start the work; 2. Study all potential issues with RFI items, and develop preliminary or coordination drawings for client’s field coordination if necessary; 3. Incorporate any feedback from client or related parties into final submittal.
Our clients may pay our services via regular checks, ACH or Paypal. We are friendly negotiable and can offer flexible payment schedule for our loyal clients once a trustable relationship is established. If you have a large project or special requirement, we may setup a feasible arrangement with you together. Typically, a down payment or progress payment is required, and final payment is due when submittal work is accepted or within thirty (14) days after the completion of submittal work which comes first.
As you may know, fire sprinkler CAD design software in the market are not cross platform based, meaning that these CAD apps don’t “talk” to each other. Currently all fire sprinkler contractors and designers have difficult time importing and exporting design data when switching among different CAD apps. Due to the popularity of the *.dwg format in the A/E community, we mainly employ SprinkCAD and other dwg-based CAD apps with optional 3-D modeling or BIM in our CAD services. If you prefer to use a different CAD platform, we will find solutions to meet your needs.
We will start work immediately after receiving a work authorization or down payment.
The turnaround time usually takes about one week for a small project, two weeks for a medium size project and three or more weeks for a large project. We confidently guarantee the quality of our services and works. We have never delayed a committed project due to our causes.
In order to provide sound quote and schedule, we need A/E's CAD background files, including reflected ceiling plans, electrical and lighting plans, structural plans, underground piping or civil plans with water supply information, mechanical plans and E-format plans in DWG & PDF. A productive fire sprinkler CAD design is right from here!